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My name is Michele Svenningsen – and I am YOUR Horse Trailer Agent! I have been in the horse industry since I could remember.  My father was a farrier – my trains and competes at top level dressage competitions, my Husband trained for over 30+ years PLUS has been shoeing since he was a young man – I have 4 children and yes of course they are all heavily involved in the horse industry! I am blessed to have a diverse background in horses, I started out with Morgans (driving and riding), rode basic dressage and jumping and finally moved into the world of AQHA Pleasure horses and of course plain old pleasure riding!

I give you this brief background to let you know I UNDERSTAND horse trailers and I am a HORSE PERSON that has been in your shoes! Over the years I have pulled 24’ bumper pulls to 53’ living quarters! The endless struggle of searching for the perfect trailer, the right size, the correct layout in the living quarter, appropriate stall size for my faithful steeds and of course the right price!

I have been selling horse trailers on line for over 15 years for multiple dealers. Having hauled horses since I could drive- I have a strong knowledge of different brands, layouts, construction material and of course the BUDGET side of it!  I have decided to turn the table and come to the BUYERS side and HELP my horse friends find the perfect trailer to suit their needs!

My team too has many years of horse and hauling experience – therefore we bring you top notch service and the opportunity to help YOU find that “unicorn” you have been looking for!

Don’t worry we handle ALL the details for you! You send us your WISH LIST and we get to work scouring our endless nationwide dealers to find you the trailer of your dreams!  We negotiate the price, we get you the most value for your trade trailer, help connect you with the right finance team and of course make sure the delivery goes above and beyond your expectations! We are …


Horse Folks Helping Horse Folks – we know what you need! 

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Horse Folks Helping Horse Folks